About us : Our philosophy

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At WMRO, we love :

  • World Music Radio Online because this is our website and our passion
  • Organisation that help the animals and the environement like www.wwf.org.uk
  • We love rain and beer because we are english
  • We love Malta because it’s the only destination in europe where we can get sun and cheap beer. More info on www.locationmalte.com
  • We love our queen
  • We love all organisation that wants the make the world better. We love fairfuturefundation.org

At WMRO, we hate

  • The speculation on financial market like Forex and Binary Options
  • All the Igaming Industry that make people ruining their life with slots machine on live or online casinos.
  • All the pharmatical industry that try to make our life better with nocive drugs.
  • Death penalty and torture. We strongly support www.omct.org

At WMRO, we are trying

  • Trying to make the world a better place with music
  • Trying to help some webmaster to have visibility thanks to our new website www.wmro.org
  • To recommand only website that worth being visited
  • To make you enjoy your stay on our website with great music

If you want to contact us to tell us more about your website just use the form. We will give you an answer within 24hours and will be happy to help you.

Warm Regars,

The WMRO team

About the team

The domain name was found free to register, and taken by Simon Legouge to make a great website. The team has not many members yet, but will pretty soon be bigger.