Hi there,

We’re actually working on some gold website and we think that you might be interested as well. So here is the little video of the clip Gold Digger. Turn the volume on and listen to the lyrics 馃槈

We at WMRO are interested in buying gold cause we strongly believe that it is the safest way to invest money nowadays because of the world economic crises.

The crisis is getting to every country, even England and particularly the West Midlands聽!

So we decided to lauch a website with great content about gold buying cause we found that most website about gold has to much advertising and that the content is quite poor.

So here is our new website about gold聽! What do you think about it ?

There is a lot more content coming pretty soon about the gold buying process. If you wanna know more about the website just check out this article. There is some good value tips about investing in gold.

So now you know a little bit more about gold and we’re happy about that :). You won’t get scammed by other websites trying to sell you bullshit !

See ya tommorow buddies and don’t drink too much 馃槈