Hi there,

Sorry for not posting here a lot but we are very busy taking care of our garden ! We have plenty new fruits and vegetable to grow so we forgot a bit to take care of this nice carrot from the west midlands of United Kingdom !


Source:  via Simon on Pinterest


So today is a special day ! I don’t know if you know a bit a french culture and cinema ? There are plenty of amazing french movies that are funny ! We do think it’s a very good way to learn french even if it is not easy for foreigner.

One other way to learn french is to have good funny website ! We have one for you and it’s called LeBoulet.com ! It’s a very funny one about stupid people that frenchies call « Boulet » like a black metal ball you know ? I think the best english translation is « pain in the ass » but i’m not sure… As you can see my english is quite poor. But i have very good writers in India, so maybe i will have them taking care of this music website for charity too.

So to sum up i’ll definetely recommand you to have a quick look at leboulet.com which is the fastest growing french funny website nowadays, they made 200 unique visitors in the first hours of launch… OK that’s not the best maybe but that’s one of the funniest ! You can check out their facebook page too ! Especially if you want to hear about topics like « meilleurs gags », « vidéos drôles », or « ejaculation précoce »

Have a great week fellows and take care,

Your dedicated WMRO team ;)