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Again it’s been a long time we didn’t update this blog ! And we’re sorry but we are very busy !

You remember this song from M Jackson ? We thought a lot about it and we do think we can change the world a little bit !

Cause you might now that we are living a huge economic crisis in Europe and US. Asia is not too bad so far but it might be affected pretty soon ! That’s why we want to show you the unique currency in the world. It might get some pretty good effect on our economics as the FT said

We do think it will help a lot. For the french people reading this blog you can check out lepmu.fr

there is only on article in french so far, but a lot more is coming soon i guess. Hope they will grow huge and we support them !

Good luck to all players in the world that want to change the world. As Gandhi said one day « Be the change you want to see in the world ». Steve Jobs managed to change the world of high tech, now we need a leader to change the financial world which is destructing the real economics with all those that speculate for short term profit !

Take care and have a great week-end,

Your WMRO dedicated team