Ciao a tutti !!!

You know that the WMRO team loves music from everywhere in the world ! We post songs in English, in French, in German but we haven’t posted in Italian yet. Why ? Maybe because there are so many great Italian songs that we couln’t pick one !

Anyway, today we would like to talk about the beautiful and amazing Vespa ! Do you know that this amazing motorbike comes from Italy ? Since 1943, Vespa kept on being the crème de la crème of the motorbikes. The creator is Enrico Piaggio and I think he’s got the best idea ever on the market by creating the Vespas !

First, the Vespas were only used in Italy but they quickly became famous all around the world and even in Indonesia ! I mention Indonesia because we had the opportunity to ride an original Vespa from the 70′s there so if you guys are interested, you can rent vespa in Java, in Solo to be more precise.

There is a very friendly sort of « Vespa gang » there, made of young guys passionate by Vespas and they all own one that they customize to their tastes. They are amazing people that will make you discover their town better than anybody else ! It really worth it so go ahead and have fun !!

We found that song from the italian band called « Lunapop » which, I’m sure you don’t know because it’s mainly famous in Italy but we thought it was a nice anthem to the Vespas !

Hope you’ll like it as much as we do here at WMRO as it’s a song full of good vibes and positive attitude !

Have a nice weekend fellows ! Take care and drive safe !