Today, we see more and more couples living together for a few years, even having a child, before getting marriage. Children of the bride and groom to be are taking more and more part in this special day. But are weddings a different experience when you are already parents?, specialists in wedding invitations & wedding stationery, take a closer look at this question.

Late weddings and blended families

If tradition dictates that parents should get married before having children, things work differently today. Certain couples believe that having a child together is a much bigger commitment than getting married. However, it’s no longer a rare commodity to see parents getting married after having had children. Sometimes, the bride and groom already have children from a previous relationship. In this case, the remarriage helps ‘cement’ the two families together.

Announcing the good news

If witnessing a parents’ marriage is becoming more and more common, how do you share the good news to the children? If the child is still young and the context is a remarriage, then the news can be destabilising. Spend time with your child to explain your choices and your reasons. Explain that he’s lucky to be able to assist the union of his parents and will be able to keep a special and unique memory!

Involve your children

Generally excluded from wedding arrangements, why not let your children join in with the wedding preparations? Children love family celebrations, and they’re as implicated by your marriage as you! Your children will be delighted and excited to get to share the good news by sending personalised wedding invitations with photos of the family! They’ll love being part of the invitations and your guests will love them!

Examples of wedding invitations sent by children:

Your children can also have a say in their choice of outfit or the decoration of your venue. On the actual wedding day, give them a role (bridesmaids or bestman, flower girls or ushers…) or let them carry out an important mission, such as giving the rings or reading a poem. Your children will be more than happy to oblige!

Children are the life and soul of a party!

It’s rare for children to get bored during a wedding, but don’t hesitate to let them join in the festivities as not to make them feel set apart. They’ll also appreciate being seated at the children only table. Finally, to put your mind at ease, hire a baby sitter to look after the youngest.