Hi everybody ,

Hope everything is great. Today , We’ll talk about a new artist that we discovered yesterday on the new musical website Wall Of Sound. We liked it so much that we can not keep it just for us.
His name is Yannick Ilunga aka Petite Noir (Little Black in English), why not Petit Noir or Petite Noire in proper french grammar, because we couldn’t make sense of the music.

He was born in Brussels, his parents are Congolese and Angolans, he lives in Cape Town , South Africa and sings as an English post-punk 80s singer. Petite Noir is the good side of Globalization.

After living 3 years in Europe, he moved to CapeTown in South Africa. There, he devours all the music without a priori, Britney, Morrissey, from A$AP Rocky to Fela Kuti, Neon Indian, Blink 182, Nirvana . He believes « you can appreciate a Britney song as much as you can appreciate a Radiohead one » . These expanded horizon, light a hybrid repertoire combining traditional percussion and modern production.

His style, « Black Wave », is a mixture of English Post-Punk / New-Wave with African aesthetic. To explain quickly and as stated very well The Guardian : it’s like « the sound of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures meeting Paul Simon in Graceland. »

His debut singles « Till We Ghosts » and « Disappear » became blog sensations and received big supports from many media like Rolling Stone, The Guardian, BBC or Dazed and Confused.

Good listen !


So, we hope you’d like it too and if you want a good way to discover new artists easily, we suggest you Wall Of Sound.

Have a great day fellows, and take care !