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If you’ve been to Nepal, you certainely now this song, as you can listen to it almost everywhere in the country. It’s so peaceful and full of love that you should listen to it once a day during your yoga or zen relaxation time. Here at WMRO we are big fans ! By the way if you like the song you might as well want to know more infos about Buddha and budhisme. We are completely atheist here at wmro.org but we like the buddha and the Dalai Lama that you can follow on twitter @DalaiLama or facebook. He’s got more than 5 millions followers and his tweet are quite philosophics and interesting. Worth having a look. So here is the song, Enjoy

Om Mani Padme Hum – Tibetan Incantation – More than 2 millions views – 7 000 likes.



Good to relax and efficient to boost your productivity at work !
Cheers guys for following WMRO we’re gonna put more great song pretty soon so stay tuned !

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