Hi fellows,

Hope everything is going well, we’re gonna try to write more here, cause we think it’s quite a nice website actually don’t you think ?

Here is what we want to show you today PokerMenteur.fr !

This website was awesomely design by Simon  its founder ! We especially like the dictionary ! It’s a good way to improve your french ! The website calendar with the event stuff is quite cool, and the video montage with his poker face is awesome ! We laughed a lot watching the gangnam style remake ! It’s made on JibJab.com 

You should give it a try before christmas really ! Awesome cheap present to make. It’s free if you send the card and only 2$ if you want the video on youtube like the pokermenteur.fr one ! So Give it a try and enjoy it’s quite quick to do, their tool of resizing the head is awesome.