Sometimes, the only easy thing to do to chill after a hard day’s work is to play poker, dance away the blues, or just have yourself some “sugar crush”.

Whether you have a Wii, an iPhone, or an Android Tablet, chances are, you have a favourite game you go to when stresses are just overwhelming. Maybe the list below is already in your library and if not, you may want to try them out.

Already in its third instalment, it’s one of those few highly liked Xbox Kinect games. Released 16 October 2012, the game has been a favourite indoor activity that lets you just focus on the steps and the beats. Any slight thoughts not connected to Bieber and you’ll lose the highscore. As reviews, “Dance Central’s hook isn’t the dancing itself, but how that motion makes you feel. At their core games (and not just video games) are about pleasure, from the intellectual satisfaction of solving a puzzle or winning a chess match to the physical pride of beating people at tennis or football.”

  • Wii Fit


Wi Fit

It is, as simply puts it, “a great tool for stress relief, especially for families, young adults, and even those who haven’t normally been fans of video games.” It may not be a full alternative for your exercise routines (if you do have one) as the gameplay format may make you feel “disrupted” when you do some moves, but needless to say, the active gaming experience will let you focus on other things or if not, will tire until you just collapse on your couch.

  • PartyCasino



More of a desktop or laptop stash of games, visiting will lead you to an array of easy-to-play slot machine, puzzle, board, card and casino games. Since it adds to “social” stress prepping up to go out and play in casino places or resorts, choosing this online casino gaming hub is a good alternative where you can just play away and not care about how you look. If you’re a beginner when it comes to poker and blackjack, you won’t stress out thinking of embarrassing yourself as you have the easy option to change games. With the online boom of games like poker, socializing can be an added bonus since you can be able to still chat with like-minded friends. If you want to enjoy some casino games while on the park or waiting for a friend in a cafe, you can access their games via a mobile-friendly version of their site.

  • Candy Crush


Candy Crush

YouTube video blog GloveandBoots may call this game evil, but you just can’t help but be lost in a fantasy world full of exploding candies, caustic chocolate, and wired-up liquorice. Inkling Media’s Ken Mueller describes it as “a one player game, but the kind where you progress through levels and it sucks you in. Big time.”

So, how about you? Have these games already become your escape from the real world or there are still others out there that we need to know?