Hi there,

It’s been such a long time that we haven’t wrote an article here ! Hope you didn’t missed our great world music radio too much ! We did miss writing here !

We are in Hong Kong today and we’re loving the city ! It’s amazing how it’s much more developped than Philippines ! That’s one of the biggest financial place in the world !

The gold market and the gold music

Hong Kong is clearly one of the biggest financial market ! You can trade everything there such as share or commodity like gold or silver ! About Gold market we recommand you the website Getrends.com that have amazing article on the gold market. You can check out this one about the origin of gold or that one about the history of gold prices !

What about gold in music ? Cause that’s actually the main subject of our blog right ? Sometime we talk a bit too much and we’re sorry ! So you liked that music clip gold digger ? Then you surely like the following song


After all those song about gold maybe you wanna know more about gold and his infinite possibility of investment right ? Then check out the biggest site about gold : Gold.org ! All the info you’ll find of that website is just amazing. Even if we have a little preference for getrends.com we think gold.org is a good website !

Allright now, it’s soon christmas so go and invest the money you have in silver or bullion and you’ll get a good chance to make some nice profit ! Otherwise if you’re broker just listen to the song above you might get the key to become richer who knows ! I do think you can get valuable info in song ! And that work as much for lesson in life than lesson in investment and finance !

See you soon and take care, we’re gonna visit a bit around hong kong now ! It’s time to do some shopping and by a Go Pro camera !