Hey buddies,

Hope everything is good ! Here at World Music Radio Online (WMRO) everything is great ! We’re leaving Bali soon and we’ll go to the philippines pretty soon and we’re excited about it… I’ve heard only great comments from friends about the Philippines, so we hope we’d like it too. The only bad thing is that it might be a little dangerous about safety, so i will take care of my stuff, i don’t want my macbook pro to get stolen, cause i have all my life in it !

Who cares huh ? Here is the song for today… And it is about health !

More than 10 millions views for this video clip. Quality is not great, but you should sign up for spotify to get the best quality ;). We’re big fan of spotify here at WMRO, and we’re 100% sure that if you sign up you won’t be disappointed. You can predownload music on your smartphone, then you can listen to any song even if you don’t have an internet connection… That’s brilliant isn’t it ?

Take care guys ! And stay tuned, we’ve got some amazing song coming up for the next few days.