As we’ve said in the previous article the West Midlands Regional Observatory has a new website with a better domain name :

So we were interested to know a little more about what they do, as we took their domain name for our new World Music Radio Online organisation.

What do WMRO now do ?

They do intelligence-driven research and do consulting for company. They are specialised in economics and statistics and deliver unique and specific advice for company looking for data of the region. They have more than 300 private sector members which i think is pretty big. I like the logo and the website new domain name. I hope they will be successfull with their new website and domain, because we are very happy with our new one. How lucky where we to find that great domain for us available on the web. That must be something coming from above, call it God, Allah, Shiva, Buddha or whatever that is fun coincidence.

You can check their website by yourself for more details. Enjoy your visit and don’t forget that we, with the new don’t do consulting anymore…